Saint Monica Institute for Patristic Studies

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Through the prayers and encouragement of Saint Monica, her son Saint Augustine listened to the preaching of Saint Ambrose, converted entirely to Christ and accepted Baptism. Saint Monica's faith and example provide the perfect image for our institute for patristic studies: her perseverance brought two of the Church's greatest Fathers together, the result of which affected the course of the Church's development, life and understanding of the Mystery of Christ to the present today. Such faith and perseverance can serve as our guide to a deeper understanding of the work of Church Fathers, to help in the Church's scholarship, and to continue that same work of evangelization, conversion and the deepening of Catholic life in our own time.

The Institute began in December 2004, during the sesquicentennial celebration of Saint John the Evangelist Parish in Stamford, Connecticut. The purpose of the Institute is to make accessible the wealth of the Church's patristic treasures to parishioners interested in reading and studying works of the early Church, as well as to students in the fields of patristic writings, theology and church history, and so to assist in the furtherance of the theological enterprise of the Church, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. The parish library includes the Patrologia Latina by the Abbe Migne, as well as more modern editions of patristic works, open to research. The Institute also provides lectures and organizes study groups to further interest in the works by the Church Fathers.

All is offered without charge.