Saint Monica Institute for Patristic Studies

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Our Programs

Patristic Lectures and Reading Groups

Lectures on Patristic literature and Church history are scheduled throughout the year.

Patristic reading and study groups meet each Wednesday from September through May, in the rectory beginning at 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Symposia are offered each year and are open to the public.

Latin and Biblical Greek Study Groups

The Latin Reading Group meets each Wednesday evening in the Rectory beginning at 6:15 pm. This group has been translating various patristic texts since 2005. Anyone with a reading ability in Latin is welcome to join us.

The Greek Reading Group meets each Thursday evening in the Rectory at 6:30 pm to translate Scripture and patristic texts. Anyone with a reading ability or at least knowledge of basic grammer in Biblical Greek is welcome to join us.

Children and Young Adults

The Institute is planning a program to introduce children and young adults to the life and works of the Early Church